Reflection (Week 5)

I’m a designer and¬†engineer. I have an engineering degree in industrial design. I’m also a¬†storyteller. I tell a story in every project. I think the story telling methods are very important in design projects. And I’m always finding new possibilities to tell stories.

My favorite tool is paper. The fastest way to organize my thoughts and ideas is writing them down. I also love doing simple sketches and folding paper, not only for the design process but also for fun.

I really love the way that several people get together and learn something new. It’s a lot of fun to figure things out together. I may never be willing to learn weaving by myself. But in my group I enjoyed the learning process. The demonstrations and hands-on activities in class are really helpful to give a quick taste of each craft. By trying a little bit of everything, I quickly found out I don’t quite like knitting and love needle felting. Showing others what I have learned was very satisfying. The only frustration is that after a few days I started to forget the skill. I believe it takes more repeats to get really familiar with it. Next time I would probably finish a small piece beforehand and show the final result before the hands-on activity.

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