• First of all, I am a Learner, I’m open-minded and ready to learn anything and are not afraid to explore and try out different things. We came into this world knowing nothing, I am who I am because of the things I’ve learned throughout my life.
  • Artist: I’m a artist. I perceive the world through an artistic lens. I started interacting with the world with a brushstrokes when I was 4 and never stopped expressing myself through art ever since.
  • Maker: I like making original stuff. Creating things are fulfilling to me. For example, I like transforming waste materials (trash, cardboard, plastic) into decorative artworks. I make gifts for my friends and family. I’m interested in making visually appealing artworks or everyday use objects to make my daily life more enjoyable.
  • Designer:  Design is innovation. It is stuff created by innovative people to bring changes into the world they live in. It is an output of people’s creativity. The core identity of Design is change and improvement. It is the results of un-satisfaction toward the way things are around you and the urge to be part of that change. I’m just entering this field to become a professional one day. So I’m starting to identify myself as Designer.

Favorite Tool:

Currently, My favorite tool is glue gun. It glues everything and lasts! It can easily add on different materials to my project, which gives my work different textures. It glues cloth, button, wool, feather, wood, plastic, stone, etc. Basically anything. There’s no smell and it is see-through! The only downside is that it can only be used indoor.

Learn a New Craft:

I’m a visual person. I learn better while someone is demonstrating how to do a craft instead of reading about how to do it. I think that is why I like crafts so much, because seeing how things are done with my eyes reflects in my brain better. My brain works faster with graphics. Just like the Economist E. F. Schumancher said “The human being … enjoys nothing more than to be creatively, usefully, productively engaged with both his hands and his brains.”. My hands and brains coordinate better with visual instructions.

I like making stuff. Using my hand to create things is very fulfilling. And each time I look at the things I’ve made, the memory flashes back. I feel happy and content to look at what I’ve accomplished.


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