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Flip Dot Tests

After class, I undertook some further testing to find a solution for flipping our dots back and forth without having to constantly reverse alligator clips. I found one solution on this post from Stitching Worlds.

Instead of using one coil, create TWO coils and embed them in your crochet or embroidery ring (be sure to mark which coil is which). Each side gets its own power source. When you switch between activating a coil, it will flip the dot back and forth (one side is regular hemetite and the other has a bit of copper paint on it):

DIY eTextile Actuators: Flip Dots from Liza Stark on Vimeo.

Full circuit with dual power source

Right side activated

Left side activated

SMA- week 11

The door is supposed to open and close on it’s own. I thought it was ironic to have a Do Not Enter sign on it. I tested out with Arduino first, but it wasn’t working for me. Then I tried with the 9v battery, but I didn’t have a 12-13 resistor. I tried using a 220ohm, but it still wasn’t working and I was afraid of burning it. -Estee

Week 8: Assignment



The first connector was the probe connector we’ve learned in class, we took off the inside of rope out and put in three conductive threads, then we make a knot around a pin and close it off using polymorph.

For my second connector(the bottom one of the image above), I paste copper tape onto a plastic stripe that is made out of a plastic sheet and on each side I put a paper clip into it. Then I solder the copper tape and the paper clip together.

For my third connector(the top one of the image above), I used the same method with the putting the conductive thread in but this time pulling the rope tighter so it makes a wave. On each side of the rope, I used a keychain ring and closed it using duck tape.

For my fourth connector(the bottom one of the image above), I did the same method as the rope we did in class but this time I used safety pins on the ends. I closed on safety pin with duck tape and another one using heat shrink tube.

It’s really great to find new fun ways to connect the circuit together.

Week 5: Assignment

1) Finish your ATtiny circuit.
2) Before next class, I would like you to try learning a new craft. That’s it. NO electronics. Make a swatch (small example) that comes out of your learning. This could include any of the following:

  • sewing (by hand or on the machine)
  • embroidery
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • draping
  • paper engineering
  • woodworking
  • silkscreening
  • surface design/fabric printing
  • etc, etc, etc

Here are some tutorials from last year as inspiration (also, this was a much longer project last year – you do NOT need to go into this depth). There are also a TON of tutorials if you hit the Googles.

Next, create a post with an image of your swatch and reflect on the following questions.
After doing all of the above, write a blog post that answers the questions below. It doesn’t have to be long, but I would like you to spend a good amount of time reflecting on these:

  • How do you identify/classify your practice? Choose as many as you would like from the following and feel free to add to it. Briefly, explain why you chose them.
    • storyteller
    • maker
    • engineer
    • coder
    • designer
    • artist
    • learner
    • hacker
    • research
    • educator
    • gamer
    • craftsperson
    • [other?]
  • What is your favorite tool and why? Yes, again ? (I’m going to put one restriction on this – you’re not allowed to say computer ?
  • Reflect on your experience trying out a new craft. Some questions you could address: What did you like about the process? What was frustrating? What insight did you gain? What advice would you give to someone?

3) Continue working on your midterm.