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In this class, we have learnt the how to make color change when heats up.

I have tested all kinds of mixing pigment, however, the effect is not that obvious. Some of the painting are too thick, so cannot see the effect when heats up.

I found out the blue pigment mixed with white Acrylic is the most obvious one. So I painted it on a bigger size of paper, and made a sewing graphic of the cloud+ rain.

Finally, the blue color changed pretty well even people just make their hands on it. The color changed obviously. However, it does not work well when I layer down the cloudy graphic with the heat power.

What I have learnt?

The gap between the sewing graphic needs to be smaller, or even sew it in cross-lined. Because in this way, when power up the battery, the heat will not diffuse that quickly. If this layer can keep the heat well, then the cloudy graphic can be seen successfully.




Final Concept+ Project_ Elly Lin

For the final concept, I start with a concept of making an embroidery project because I was inspired by this following work.


— by showshowcraft


However, I cannot find a good way to combine the tech part with this craft. After talking to Liza, I end up with making an interactive storybook. The following are some precedents:


I love children a lot. And I like to make graphic both are simple and colorful. It makes me energetic.




–by Jie Qi


Concept: This is a storytelling that create an immersive feeling of the Bortle Scales of dark sky, using poetry and graphics to represent the nine scales of places in first person. In this storybook, I hope I can rise people’s awareness in the field of Light Pollution.

Target audience: Children

Style: Colorful+ Playful


The Bortle Scale— The definition of the nine classes of dark sky:


I drew the nine stories of the Bortle Scale.


Working process:

  1. Print out on pro-color paper and make it a booklet.

2.  Test out the LEDs. Organize how many LEDs each page should have, and also, what color should be, to represent the feeling of the poetry that matches the scale.


3. Test on one circuits first. And then draw all the nine circuits in the back.

4.  Make the circuits completed with the copper tape. Also, reinforce on the connections with soldering.

5. Final testing



6. Video Demo


The nine poetry:

Dear Sky,

In this sandy valley, I could hear in the distance,

waves shining with light.

Whispering at my ears. I start my journey.

Eureka Valley, 1890, First class of darkness


Dear Sky,

I can see myself, mirrored.

What wonderful youth! I, smiling.

All things; hopeful, beautiful, unpredictable.

Minneapolis North Lake, 1950, Second class of darkness


Dear Sky,

Traveled long ways get here. Lonely.

The stars chattering above me.

I am not afraid.

The Isle of Sark, 2000, Third class of darkness


Dear Sky,

Ruins, Kivas, stories on the valley floor.

I am here. See, the great work of human culture.

Dizzy now, upside down.

Light from the slow blinking shutter, or half- circle house?

Chaco Culture National Historical Park, 2001, Fourth class of darkness


Dear Sky,

I can feel the power of nature.

Darkness. Sea mumbling, stars pulsing.

And look! Birds rush out, disappear, a small black dot.

Cape Cod National Seashore, 2003, Fifth class of darkness


Dear Sky,

This is a familiar place. I am on the bridge of crossing cultures.

Tipsy, can’t tell the time.

Late or early?

Concord, Massachusetts, 2005, Sixth class of darkness


Dear Sky,

Still. I can hear the trains, smell the fresh pine.

Nothing disappears, save all the lighting around the pier.

Ashland, Wisconsin, 2009, Seventh class of darkness


Dear Sky,

Arc lighting, can’t breath. Feel strange, can I run?

Lying on Lambeth Bridge, thinking,

then, the most beautiful starry night was, the city with gaslight.

London, 2010, Eighth class of darkness


Dear Sky,

Years pass by. Mature, I am giddy, but,

cannot see. Sparking through color and light,

money, money, money.

A coin breaks the sky, tearing me to pieces.

Las Vegas, 2015, Ninth class of darkness



Elly’s Midterm- Effect

Effect is a project which aims to get people together by symbolizing each person as a white flower, and will have color and change colors when they communicate with different people.

In this midterm, I made the concept to an interactive project. The reason why I chose paper as a main material because I think paper is soft and can canvey the warmth between people better.

Before working on the project, I have testing on the circuits on paper and conductive tape. And also test sewing on paper. This is the difficulties I have reach, because I want to do different sewing patterns on the vase part. However, the paper is to soft, that I have broken the paper twice. And ends up by only doing a simple sewing that is same as the stem.


And also, I have learnt that the blue ink cannot totally be erase on a paper.

This video is a test that I use a RGB blink LED on a flower. And the following are the test on circuits of single flower and two flowers.

Last, the following is the process of how to work on my project.

My post on instructables:


Week5Assignment_ Elly(Chieh-li Lin)

I am a storyteller, designer, artist, and educator. I am always interested in colors, shapes, and pattern. However, I want to make things that not only is pretty, but also meaningful, and can solve people’s problem. 

My favorite tool is pencil and paper, because I can draw down everything in anytime. I always want to do a embroidery project. This is my first embroidery work, and I started it in a really simple shape. When I start repeating the action, I feel calm. I also got a manual to learn how to do embroidery. I hope I can make delicate and cool project with this in the future!


I think the hardest part for me is whenever you keep an action(the same way of sewing) for a time, then the consistency become lower, and this might makes the quality looks not good. I am thinking to make it on a machine in the future, if the graphics become more complicated.


When I am doing this homework. I want to make it as a touch sensor. Also, I am thinking of making this project that is related with touch and smell.  I put the cotton, thread, and this swatch inside a mint-chocolate bag, so that this swatch now have a candy smell. However, I am still looking for more interesting things to try on. Maybe it is a button that have the natural texture and can trigger a water oxygen sprayer. And also, the user can put essential oil in it. This is what I might do for my midterm.