Theo Jansen has been working on this new “form” of life for over 25 years. This creature is made of yellow pipes and they “eat” wind to walk. The unique skeleton structure enables this creature to live by itself, walking flawlessly on the beach. Varies prototypes(“Animarus Apodiacula”, “Animarus  Suspendisse” and “Animarus Turgentia Vela” etc.) have been developed and the Strandbeest became something bizarrely organic like this in this video:

This living life form really intrigues by its combination of art and science. Although it doesn’t use any electric technology, Strandbeest is a work of art and mechanical perfection. The beauty of seemingly random behavior is what made this piece one of my favorite. It let me think of perpetual motion possibility at first look. The ability of making use of wind to drive a “machine” this big, not mentioning the recent version can even store the wind power itself, is truly amazing.


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