Updated proposal

Jaeyoung & Daruswat

Updated proposal

At this present time, people tend to forget their identity and view of life because of their environment. This being the different people who surround us, the fast-changing technology and society that force them to move forward too quickly. People don’t have much time to think about who they really are, what they like to do, and consider what they really want to do. Sometimes they forget about these  thoughts in their daily lives, and are likely to just blend into their environments.

For the final project, we will make a memory box for people who need to be reminded of their beliefs and identities. When a person touches outside the box, the sound and voice will play by showing the images from their memory on what they want to be reminded of. During a person listens to the sound and voice in the box, the images on the memory box will fade away. That means the images are being absorbed as memories to the person. It would be private enough that each person could keep the memory inside the box, even though the images are displayed outside of the box which other people can see. 

This project will use a soft sensor, soft circuit, Thermochromic Pigment, and magnet to represent the memory and to make the sound speaker. When the box senses someone expecting to get some experiences, it can use the body heat and heart rate of a person to reveal their memories as images.

Feedback in class

We got good feedback from our classmates and professor. They told us it is a good concept and idea. They asked us where to install the memory box. We decided to place it in the living room because it is the center of the house and a comfortable place. The images that will be shown on the box will be abstract, which is not too obvious and better than real pictures or exact shapes.



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