Project: Countours (Week_1)

Isabella Cruz-Chong

Here is the Video!
(I wasn’t able to embed it)

MAK_10-640x960 MAK_11-640x426 MAK_16-640x960

The aspect that intrigues me the most about the project Contours is how there are several layers to the piece/experience. I imagined the user was going to get only one specific sound by touching it and to my┬ásurprise there are different tones and frequencies which invites the person to keep exploring not knowing exactly what the result will be. It is a powerful way of setting up a “simple” and elegant installation and giving the viewer the power to discover its true dimension and complexity. The aspect that doesn’t work as well or I can’t figure it out from the video is how the person is invited to touch the piece. If I see the paper hanging how it is in the photos I wouldn’t think of touching it. I’m wondering if in some way they are inviting the viewers and if they are, how so? The other aspect to explore more is the aesthetic and graphics of the paper. I wonder if there is a relationship between the black and white lines and the sound. By quickly looking at it, there doesn’t seem to be. I imagined they could be piano keyboards but I feel something is missing. I imagine this piece could have a more thoughtful and complex aesthetic still keeping its minimum style.

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