Parallel circuits & Illustration project (WEEK 2)

Parallel circuits

I made this rose out of some coffee filters and a chopstick. I added two red LEDs to give it red color.

DIY Coffee Filter Flowers 

IMG_5579 IMG_5580


A small cloud in my hand.

IMG_5577 IMG_5564 copy IMG_5570


Illustration project

The Golden Fish

When suddenly to his great surprise, the golden fish spoke to him:” Good fisherman, please spare my life. I am so very small that I would hardly make a mouthful for you and your wife. Please give me my freedom, and throw me back into the sea. If you will, I will five you anything in the world that you wish.”

“Why, you poor little fish,” laughed the fisherman. “You are indeed very generous, and I am only too glad to grant you your freedom.”

So the kind fisherman put the little fish back into the water, and the fish, sparkling like the sunbeams, swam swiftly through the blue water.

IMG_5556 copy

IMG_5557 copyIMG_5559

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