DIY-ing With LEDs (Week 2)

Class creations:


A multi-coloured DIY bracelet.

2015-09-08 20.39.09-12015-09-08 20.38.26


A mini-tiara with LEDs:


2015-09-08 20.59.15


For my illustration project, I used a haiku that I found:

Without flowing wine/How to enjoy lovely/Cherry blossoms?

– Anon.

The lights are underneath the illustration that has two power lines hanging out from the end. When the ends are put into water (or wine!), the lights light up, lighting the blossoms.

There are two pieces of paper that make up this, one that has the actual wiring and LEDs, the other on top of it is a slightly transparent piece of paper with the illustration. I wanted to use copper tape to do the wiring, but the copper tape I bought seems to be too thick or something, because they wouldn’t light up the LEDs, so I used the copper wire I had at hand. I also wanted to do more lights and flowers, but I broke most of mine trying to get them into place (those legs are fragile!).

When I tested it out with water, it didn’t seem to work, but then I put a ton of salt in the water and it worked well enough.

Link to video:

Hopefully it will make its way to class in one piece.


2015-09-12 23.28.31


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