Defining our Field of Practice

The work we will do over the course of the semester will combine many different fields. There are many terms used to describe these intersections: soft circuits, eCraft, eTextiles, computational craft, creative circuits, fashion tech, etc. As we begin our exploration into these materials and processes, let’s throw all of our assumptions, ideas, and biases out on the table by creating initial definitions of these terms.


WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY is an emerging trend in fashion design and product design which focuses on making use of bodily data (such as heartbeat and temperature) with the help of technologies (such as conductive fabrics and sensors) in order to produce feedback, enhance functionality, connectedness between product and user.


COMPUTATIONAL CRAFT is a physical object, made by oneself, that is capable of processing information to be used in some aspect of the design of that object.
~ “sea craft” group


ELECTRONIC TEXTILES utilize alternative lightweight materials paired with adaptable microcontrollers in various industry for flexible, washable, low-power soft applications.
~ “Bling” “Bling” E.T. group


ELECTRONIC CRAFT is a making tech with precise design and fabricating techniques with a variety of materials that the outcome are almost like art pieces in a way.
It’s art using plastic and circuit
~ Thai ice-tea with kimchi and sriracha group


ARTISANAL TECHNOLOGY requires the usage of modern crafting technologies including but not limited to sculpting, pcomp, 3D printing to create a beautiful, analog object with precision and details in mind. It’s outcome might be categorized in textiles, fashion industry, or even everyday product.
~ ATT group


FASHION TECHNOLOGY is pricey technology that you wear. Someone who wants to be constantly plugged in.

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