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It’s a group project by Daruswat Wattanarojjananikorn, Jaeyoung Ha, Kehui (Carrie) Liu and kAi Cheng.

Our Project is a Critical Lamp for Future Human (cyborgs)

In the future lamp is not only for lighting the environment, but also for creating personalized experience. This lamp we designed has human’s mind. He is a buster who loves to explore the world and hear stories. Future humans (cyborgs) have been implanted with technology. They are able to experience the virtual world by five senses (sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste). Based on that, No. Kiddo can narrate the stories he has heard to future humans through the virtual environments he created.

The Scenario We are Prototyping

No. Kiddo was born in the night on October 30th, 2015. He just heard Carrie’s (one of our groupmates) story about freeing animals from circuits and zoos. He was moved and decided to spread that story to us. He grew his freakenstein costume. I guessed he was influenced by the creepy atmosphere of Halloween. When the environment getting dark, he lit up the bulb. When someone getting closer to him, he began to tell the story. As we were not cyborgs, he had to show the story through a projection which we could see with bare eyes.

The story he is telling is: If we keep zoos and circus, there will be no wild animals in our environment. Dark spirits will come out as our nature needs wild spirits. They replace animals. They are not as peaceful as animals. Oppositely they are evil and their hearts are full of revenge. The whole world is covered by darkness and horror…

No. Kiddo in Our Eyes

Can we named our lamp “No. Kiddo”. I like its creepiness. It reminds me the man-made-human No. 8!”  (by kAi Cheng, quoted from our group email) Man-made-human No. 8 is a character in Dragon Ball, a Japanese Manga. That’s why we named him No. Kiddo.


“The guy looks like a unique and unusual creature, but it is not weird but quite familiar. I think it is because his appearance looks like a combination of a human being with an alien. He might disguise himself as a human being wearing human clothes. People may be able to discover his identity when they take off his cloth by analyzing the programmed small hardware inside the bottle. The shape of his head might represent the planet where he lives. His eyes are not on his face, but on his body, and the eyes seem upside-down. He might be able to look at the space in different views, unlike human or another creepy creature might live inside his body. “ — Jaeyoung Ha


For crafting:

IMG_7160 IMG_7166 IMG_7171 IMG_7174 IMG_7185 IMG_7189 IMG_7190 IMG_7203 IMG_7213 IMG_7223 IMG_7225 IMG_7230 IMG_7237 IMG_7246 IMG_7249

For testing:

IMG_7252 IMG_7255 IMG_7261 IMG_7263 IMG_7268 IMG_7273 IMG_7276 IMG_7277 IMG_7278 IMG_7280 IMG_7289

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