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Paper Circuits (Week 2)

Circuit 1: Light-up Heart

For my first Circuit this week, I created a simple heart using the conductive copper taffeta and copper tape. First, I cut a hole in the paper and put the copped tape through to the other side:


Then, I cut small holes to fit two LEDs:


Next, I added the battery into the mix and got the LED to light up:


And finally, I added the heart-shaped piece of copper taffeta:



Circuit 2: Lamp

My second circuit was a hanging origami lamp. I used conductive yarn and copper tape. First, I folded an origami hollow ball and put two LEDs into it using the backing fabric I had brought in:


I then put tape around the two positive pins of the LEDs and the two negative pins of the LEDs. Then, I wrapped the conductive yarn around the copped and tied them.


I then attached the other side of the yarn to the positive and negative sides of the battery, and voila, a hanging lamp! (It could be a necklace, too!



Circuit Illustration

For my Circuit Illustration, I wanted to create the “All My Friends are Dead” dinosaur from the following books:


In my illustration, I wanted to depict the dinosaur as finally happy once he got some spikes! So, I first started out drawing him out and cutting him out:


I then cut out a piece of the copper taffeta in the shape of the dinosaur. After taping that onto the paper dinosaur cutout, I taped on 4 LEDs to the top of the dinosaur using copped tape. I cut a small hole in the paper cutout of the dinosaur where I was putting the battery’s negative side:


Then, I covered that hole with the negative side of the battery and taped the positive side of the LEDs to the positive side of the battery with copper tape:


And now he lights up when you press his tummy!


After that, I taped the dinosaur to a stand, and now you can pet his tummy and let him know he has some friends!

Inspirational Projects (Week 1)

I’m particularly interested in the pulp based computing by Marcelo Coelho. I love the idea of making computers beautiful. I remember back when I was young, computers were still ugly gray boxes, but now, we spend a lot of time designing not just the inside of computers, but also the outside. Even though we’ve done a lot of thinking about these machines we use each day, I think there are many more directions we could take. 

Marcelo Coelho is definitely pushing the boundaries of what a computer can be. His paper-pulp computers are made out of paper and contain circuits, lights, and buttons all within the paper pulp. It’s a whole new way of looking at portable computers and is completely fascinating!

Marcelo Coelho

I’m also interested in exploring ideas that relate to other senses. I really love this sound installation called Marea Baja by Ruben Dhers. The sound that results from the pieces of fabric hitting the strings of these different guitars create an amazing feeling in the room!

Marea Baja

Another project that I recently saw here in NYC that created an all-encompassing feeling, similar to that of Marea Baja was called Prana. A person is instructed to stand in the center of the room in a very particular spot. When that person breathes in, a sea of LEDS light up in changing colors, and then fade away as the person exhales. It’s a really relaxing experience.