Assignment due 11/29

You have two assignments due Sunday, November 29 (note: this is a change). The first is the memory project (description below) and the second is your final project concept (link to brief coming soon – for overview of the collaboration see

Memory project
This can be a prototype – it is a homework assignment and you may work together if you wish :)

Design a tool that creates, saves, deletes, or alters memories. Imagine a possible or potential future in which your tool exists and who it’s users are. You can choose the definition of memory and what it means.

Memories define who we are. They can be impressions, bytes of data, feelings, objects, events, synapse firings. They can be individual or collective. Some of us have perfect memories, while others suffer from crippling degenerative diseases. They can be multi sensorial – based in touch, sound, motion, sight, and smell. They can grow stronger, weaker, or distorted with time.

For thousands of years, we have recorded our memories in various craft forms, using textiles, fibers, paper, wood, clay, etc as our dominant materials. With the rise of digital technologies, we now embed them in pixels and polymers, preserving them by the terabyte. For the most part, our memories are devoid of materiality. This will only increase as time goes on…

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