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Flexinol + Thermochromic Paint Assignment

Nov 14, 2013 by Carl Jadaa // Leave a Comment

  In this assignment, I made a mini character that comes alive when its little hands are touched. The mouth appears by thermochromic pigments, and the eye lids roll up. I found flexinol really troubling to work with and it took me numerous iterations before I got them to roll up properly. I realized the…

Lotus flower with flexinol

Nov 13, 2013 by Carla // Leave a Comment

For this project I wanted to create a flower that would be covered by a leaf, and be revealed. However, working with the flexinol was very difficult, and the leaf only worked once as it burned. I tried other types of leaf too. Overall,  think this is a very tricky material!  

Final Project Assignment

Nov 12, 2013 by Liza // Leave a Comment

Overview For your final project, you will propose a project of your choosing that addresses the larger themes of the class and that synthesizes the knowledge you gained over the course of the semester. This could take the form of a toolkit, in depth material research, an interface, a wearable, etc. Deliverables Presentation (10 minutes)…

Millions of Cats (Assignment 2)

Nov 10, 2013 by kersk450 // Leave a Comment

“Millions of Cats is a picture bookwritten and illustrated by Wanda Gág in 1928. The book won a Newbery Honoraward in 1929, one of the few picture books to do so. Millions of Cats is the oldest American picture book still in print”(, Wikapedia, 2013). It was a book that my farther would read to me when I was a child. I…

Thermochromic Paint

Nov 7, 2013 by Carl Jadaa // Leave a Comment

For the first iteration, I decided to spray a pint of thermochromic powder onto paper and glue, and see if the heating effect would still work; it did: Then, I used different color bases and different color thermochromic pigments to see what the entire CMYK would look like using thermochromic paint: I then decided to…

Experimenting with Sound

Nov 7, 2013 by Carl Jadaa // Leave a Comment

In this assignment, I created 3 different speakers: two using copper tape and one using thread. I found copper tape to project a louder sound than thread.  

Week 10: Thermochromic Ink

Nov 5, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

  I made five palettes with thermochronic inks. I mixed Thermochromic powder or ink with acrylic base and demonstrated on paper. 4 of 5 worked well when I put my hand on them. Only one with blue ink didn’t work at all. My inspiration came from here. Poster series by Amanda Keenan has a…

Week 9: Speaker

Nov 5, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

  Made a speaker without any wires. Only used soft materials. By the way, my circuits still get hot and smell like burning when I connect them with 3v batteries. I wonder why it happens and I’m trying to figure out.

Cap-sense Testing Homework

Nov 5, 2013 by Lucy Matchett // Leave a Comment

    Capacity Sensor Test One : This testing was more about just getting the hardware and the code to work, I just used a penny to test out if my code was working correctly with the library.     Capacity Sensor Test Two: Here I connected two different sensors (A small wire “symbol” and…