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Week 2 – Two circuits and Illustration project

Sep 10, 2013 by Billy Ryu // Leave a Comment

Assignment 1 I made two different circuits by using two different materials. Left one is serial circuit made by conductive tapes, and the other one is a parallel circuit with conductive ink.   Assignment 2   For this project, I chose a Japanese comic book titled Dragon Ball. Following drawing is designed by me using…

Inspiration (Assignment 1)

Sep 10, 2013 by kersk450 // Leave a Comment

I had a couple of different inspirations that I came across. The first is the first project shown in this ted talk by Leah Buechley on How to “sketch” with electronics. Here she shows the ability to draw very basic circuits and uses stickers to identify the places things need to be placed. I really…

Week2 HW

Sep 9, 2013 by kooh125 // Leave a Comment

Task One: For series circuit, I have used electrically conductive paint called Bare Paint to lit up two LED light bulbs. For parallel circuit, I have used conductive tapes to connect the path and LED light bulbs to lit them up.   Task Two: Illustration Project I chose one the Korean children storybook called Rilakkuma….

Week 2 Assignment

Sep 4, 2013 by Liza // Leave a Comment

1) Construct one series circuit and one parallel circuit: – Use two or more LEDs (you do not have to solder). – Try using two different methods we discussed in class to create the traces or two different substrates (e.g paper, wood, fabric, etc). – Document each one and post it to the class blog…

Examples of CompCraft Tech

Sep 4, 2013 by diazc090 // Leave a Comment

These are some examples of technologies in computational craft I look forward to exploring: Conductive Ink To Make Sound Sticky Tape Sensors and if I can get my hands on it: Carbon Nanotube “Graphite” What intrigues me about these examples and computational craft in general is the ability to create dynamic interfaces that are very…

Cool Wearable LED Dress

Sep 3, 2013 by chamn620 // Leave a Comment

I found a 2 dresses that fashion designer, Hussein Chalayan, created that has a matrix of RGB LED lights embedded into it, to visually convey the changing of the seasons.  One for the arrival of spring and the other for the arrival of summer. Collectively, they act as a screen that displays abstract graphics that…

Interesting Projects

Sep 3, 2013 by kooh125 // Leave a Comment

I found two interesting projects for this week. First one is “Oribotics” on the vimeo which is very similar “Novel Architecture” by Ji Qi. Second one is “AmiRobo” by Osamu lwasaki using Arduino, Processing, XBee and Servo Motor. Theme of this project is Earth and I like the way that this project is…