Final Project Assignment

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For your final project, you will propose a project of your choosing that addresses the larger themes of the class and that synthesizes the knowledge you gained over the course of the semester.

This could take the form of a toolkit, in depth material research, an interface, a wearable, etc.


Presentation (10 minutes)
You should include (but not necessarily in this order):
>> Design problem/space: Pose the question you want to answer. Who is it for?
>> Concept
>> Precedents/inspiration
>> Prototypes + process
>> User testing (I want to see documentation of someone interacting with it!)
>> Next steps

>> Make an Instructable for your project. If you feel it is too complex, you may post one phase of it. You must check with me first to do so.

Here is the rubric I will use to assess your final project.

Themes to Consider

Scale + Space
Make something that changes a space.

Modularity + Interaction
How much choice does the user have?

Visibility + Relationship to Technology
How visible is your circuit?

Role of Technology in Culture

Slow technology in a fast world

The analog and the digital

Communication (symbols + actions)

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