Cat Schmitz Homework

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For my midterm, my design goal is to create a thinking cap for students which will signify when a student is thinking and not to be bothered! This is for DT 2nd years in the thesis process.


Light bulb


conductive thread

conductive fabric + foam

big battery

The idea is pretty simple: The light bulb will be mounted on top of the hat and there will be a button inside of the hat. When the head touches the top of the hat, the pressure will push the button down and complete the circuit which will turn on the light bulb.


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Image result for knitted radio

The Knitted Radio! Using textiles + clothing as electronic mediums.


LED + Sensor homework

I did a simple if.else statement that would display the brightness of the LED at a different stage depending on the sensor reading.


img_2698 img_2699-mov screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-29-05-am

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