1st assignment- Albee

During this short research, I looked up some wearable tech/ fashion pieces that applied electronics to it, and I found many of them is not working or moving as natural as we would love to wear them in our daily life. One of my backgrounds is fashion design, and this research makes me think how these cool technology or electronics solution could be applied on to the real world wearable garments. And then I found this interesting material called “Piezoelectric Fabric” from Kansai University in Japan.¬†The piezoelectric fabric is a fabric consisting of various fibers including PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) and carbon fibers. PLLA features piezoelectricity; therefore, when it is bent or stretched, it generates an alternating electric potential. From the video in the bottom, that reminds me the piece “Input/ Output paper ” from Jie Qi.

“Piezoelectric Fabric” apply to wearable¬†sensor

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