Week 1: What I Hope To Get Out Of This Class

What I hope to get out of this class…
Before Bootcamp, I didn’t really understand anything about code. Literally nothing. But as I learn, I find I often have to shrink down seemingly simple ideas because I don’t understand the syntax. I have no problem finding and understanding the info, but translating the code into my own work trips me up almost every time. I often make syntactical mistakes that can be beyond frustrating (although I do feel like a bad ass when I figure it out!). I think diving deeper into existing sketches to deconstruct and recreate them, would be extremely helpful, too. The same way I’ve learn to cook by breaking down recipes or to sew by deconstructing a garments, I think I could benefit greatly from understanding how existing sketches work.


A link to the work I showed in class today…
Control The Weather (which, no joke, is working fine now without any changes).
Data Visualization: First two weeks of Bootcamp


A designer that has inspired me…

Last year I saw Baroque.Me by Alexander Chen at Eyebeam and was totally blown away. It’s a really moving balance between innovation and classic. I also love how, despite being able to throw off the balls’ path, they always return back and continue playing the music. Check it out.

I’m also inspired by Newsmap by Marcos Weskamp which displays the buzz around news visually: each box is a representation of the story and the related articles. More related articles (which implies more importance on the topic), means a larger display.


Link to my Battle Of The DT Memes Sketch

Bootcamp Courage: Feed Yao Ming Courage Wolves so he can survive Bootcamp!




Assignments 4/9

Final Project for Bootcamp:

Hammer Time (Processing)


What I hope to get from CC Lab:

I really liked Code class from bootcamp, it was a real challenge, coming from a non-coding background, but I really enjoyed it. I hope to first get more information on the things that are possible to do with Processing and Arduino, I tend to think of an idea and then figure out how to execute it, and I like that method, but I would like to have a wider knowledge on the things that are possible. Second, I would like to create and make a lot of physical computing objects (I signed up for the pcomp class), so hopefully I will get to do a lot of prototypes. And finally, it would be able to fully understand everything I’m writing on either Processing or Arduino, understand how to write everything.


Artist that inspires me:

Even though I’m not a musician, I really like the idea of Gorillaz, being a musical and visual project. A virtual band. Always trying to find new ways with technology and visual representation.


Battle of the Memes game:

Memes Match (Processing)

inspirational works

Three artist/designers’ work I find inspiring are  “Beauty Kit” by PLEIX, “Dreams Result in More Dreams” by Daniele Buetti and “Stanley” by DigitalKitchen.

“Beauty Kit”

PLEIX are a French group of seven video directors and graphic artists producing videos, adverts and installations both personal and commercial. Their focus is to destabilize common perceptions of contemporary culture. “Beauty Kit” is an ironic instructional video commenting on mainstream beauty ideals and plastic surgery.

“Beauty Kit” on Vimeo

“Dreams Result in More Dreams”

“Dreams Result in More Dreams” is a photographic series by Daniel Buetti. Provocative images (mainly of women) are displayed on large light boxes into which tiny holes are pierced to create patterns of light and lines of subversive text. The works are at once beautiful and haunting, often pulling on our innermost insecurities.

Daniel Buetti Website


“Stanley” is an interactive piano that takes song requests via Twitter. Perhaps as impressive as the piano itself is the video that accompanies the project, tells Stanley’s life story from initial concept, to designing, to coding and construction, and finally to the end product. The video, available online, is a wonderful way to embody the spirit of the whole project, and to encourage user interaction from all around the world.

“Stanley Piano” Website

“Meet Stanley” Video

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code here i come!

I’m really looking forward to “Creative & Comp Lab” because I know it will be a challenge where I’m simultaneously elated and extremely fearful, both of which seem to effectuate my best work.  The overarching outcome I hope to achieve from this class is to feel like I stepped (or leapt!) out of my comfort zone and skipped away with a new skill set in my pocket. With no prior knowledge of code other than a secret password, I am here to explore new programs and technologies, to acquire new skills and techniques, and to subsequently gain a sense of new attitudes and possibilities.

As I explained in my brief presentation last week, I am a storyteller at heart. So I view “Creative & Comp Lab” as a way to enhance my storytelling by exploring the interactivity of narrative: to make my stories more dynamic, more organic, more personalized/connected to the viewer/reader/ audience/user, and thus (hopefully) more compelling.

More specifically, I want to play on an analogy between Arduino and the human body. Both are systems designed to receive input from the environment, to process this input and to respond with output. I’m thinking of taking a provocative approach to this analogy, focusing on reproductive organs. One idea is to look at the way sex is often portrayed in mainstream media as formulaic, emotionally monochromatic and entirely predictable, as if it were electronic. Another idea is to to draw upon gender clichés, with men as ‘hard’ware and women as ‘soft’ware. Finally I’ve recently started working as a volunteer with CAGeM (Campaign Against Genital Mutilation) and would like to incorporate that theme into my work as well, starting with my interactive story!

Week 1 Assignment (due 9/4)

Super excited to have all of you in my class and looking forward to seeing all your great work!

Here is your first assignment. Based on the feedback from the initial meme assignment, I decided to change it. Please see #5 below and let me know if there are any questions.

1) Install both Processing and Arduino on your personal machine if you haven’t already. Place order for Arduino starter kit from Sparkfun or Adafruit.
2) Post the project you presented on the class blog.
3) Write a short paragraph explaining what you hope to get out of this class based on today’s discussion.
4) Post documentation of your favorite work by other designers/artists that inspire you.
5) For this assignment, I want you to create an interactive story using the programming concepts below. You will be assessed based on how well you use them (I am looking for understanding, not complexity) and your concept. Be prepared to present them next class. You must include all of the following:

  • Arrays + for loops (you must access your array using a for loop)
  • PImage + PFont
  • A function you created
  • Motion (acceleration and velocity)
  • **Extra points for collision detection
  • Interactivity (whether mousePressed, keyPressed, etc)

Assignment 0 – Due first class

We are going to ease into the semester by spending the first class getting to know each other, discussing the goals of the class and what you want to get out of it, and reviewing the different programming languages we will be studying.

Here is your assignment for the first class:
Be prepared to present a little bit about yourself and one of your code projects from Bootcamp (5 minutes). It does not have to be your final. You should talk about what you learned from this project, what challenges you faced while creating it, and what you would do differently next time. If you would like, you may also include a non-code related project that you feel best represents you.

You can present in any format you like – off your website, Keynote, Powerpoint, etc. This is very informal.