inspirational works

Three artist/designers’ work I find inspiring are  “Beauty Kit” by PLEIX, “Dreams Result in More Dreams” by Daniele Buetti and “Stanley” by DigitalKitchen.

“Beauty Kit”

PLEIX are a French group of seven video directors and graphic artists producing videos, adverts and installations both personal and commercial. Their focus is to destabilize common perceptions of contemporary culture. “Beauty Kit” is an ironic instructional video commenting on mainstream beauty ideals and plastic surgery.

“Beauty Kit” on Vimeo

“Dreams Result in More Dreams”

“Dreams Result in More Dreams” is a photographic series by Daniel Buetti. Provocative images (mainly of women) are displayed on large light boxes into which tiny holes are pierced to create patterns of light and lines of subversive text. The works are at once beautiful and haunting, often pulling on our innermost insecurities.

Daniel Buetti Website


“Stanley” is an interactive piano that takes song requests via Twitter. Perhaps as impressive as the piano itself is the video that accompanies the project, tells Stanley’s life story from initial concept, to designing, to coding and construction, and finally to the end product. The video, available online, is a wonderful way to embody the spirit of the whole project, and to encourage user interaction from all around the world.

“Stanley Piano” Website

“Meet Stanley” Video