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Week 6 Slides and office hours

Here’s a link to the slides from this week, slightly updated. I will post some resources as I unearth them from the dredges of my favorites lists.

Also, as I mentioned in class, I am out of town starting today until Sunday night and will NOT be holding office hours tonight. If you need to meet before class, please email me before Saturday night.

Assignment for Oct 9

Hey soon-to-be robot masters! Here is your assignment for next week:

1) Build two circuits using THREE LEDs minimum and a switch. One should be in parallel and one should be in series. Document them working (video) and bring at least one to class. It should also be working.
2) Calculate the voltage, resistance, and current for each.
3) (Hand)draw the schematic for each.
4) Write a few sentences reflecting on last class. What was exciting? What was confusing? What needs more clarification? What was difficult? I will use these to guide next class, so it totally behooves you to meditate on this for a second.
5) Just to keep you in the Git Groove, copy/paste the text of your blog post into a text doc and push it to Git Hub.

For #2 and 3:
We obviously didn’t review the last two much in class. This was intentional. Hit the interwebs for answers. Also, I want to see HAND DRAWN pictures on the blog with the schematics and equations worked out. If you prefer Illustrator or another program, that’s fine too, but I want to see all of your work.

Also, you should bring all your Arduino stuff to every class until further notice.

Week 4 Assignment

Yall did a great job last week! We covered a lot, so if you have any questions – especially about OOP – please let me know. Here is your assignment for next week:

1) Find a contributed library that you think is interesting. Download and install it. Take an example sketch and significantly modify it (this means doing much more than changing the color, for example).
2) You must write and include a class in your sketch.
3) Finish setting up Git via terminal/command line and register for an account on Github. Watch Caitlin’s video (the link is in the slides) and practice adding, committing, and pushing to Github. You must post the above sketch onto Github and provide a link to it in your post.

Also, if you find a sketch or project that you think is cool, POST IT!!!! (Category = Inspiration) Remember, sharing is caring :)

Follow up from Week 3

I mentioned a few functions and structures that I thought yall might find interesting/helpful


Also, here is a great sketch illustrating some of the fun interactions and animations you can construct using trig. Courtesy of Ben Norskov, Math for Code dorkshop teacher extraordinaire.

And just because it’s freaking AWESOME, check this out:

Week 3 Assignment

Hey yall – apologies for not posting this earlier. Never fear though – you can always look to the syllabus! Here ya go:

1) Code assignment – you can do (a) OR (b):
(a) Make a stamp and create a collage-type artwork with it using OOP. Think Sol LeWitt instruction-based works, or other works involving pattern and repetition. Bonus points for interactivity.

(b) A theme/concept of your own choosing, but you must write at least two classes and create an array of at least one class.

2) Write an instruction set for how people should use your tool. Get creative!
3) Order Ardunio supplies posted on the class blog if you haven’t already!
4) Upload a photo of yourself to your profile (plugin installed!)

As an aside, while you are doing this assignment and wrapping your brains around classes, remember how we built up to creating a class and an object last class. We started with a sketch, then function, then super basic class, then added some more complexity (e.g. movement), and finally got to arrays. I strongly encourage you to take this approach, especially if you are encountering any difficulty…or even if you’re not. It’s good practice and will help you reflect on how you are structuring your code.

In class code

Here is a link to the code from yesterday. Let me know if you have any problems accessing it. There is also a link on the sidebar to my GitHub page where are the class code will live.

As promised the code for the in class exercise is up as well. Yall did a FANTASTIC job with it! Even if you didn’t get it exactly, the “mistakes” you found along the way were super cool – very interesting behaviors and emergent aesthetics. Never forget to tinker around with things!