Assignment for Oct 9

Hey soon-to-be robot masters! Here is your assignment for next week:

1) Build two circuits using THREE LEDs minimum and a switch. One should be in parallel and one should be in series. Document them working (video) and bring at least one to class. It should also be working.
2) Calculate the voltage, resistance, and current for each.
3) (Hand)draw the schematic for each.
4) Write a few sentences reflecting on last class. What was exciting? What was confusing? What needs more clarification? What was difficult? I will use these to guide next class, so it totally behooves you to meditate on this for a second.
5) Just to keep you in the Git Groove, copy/paste the text of your blog post into a text doc and push it to Git Hub.

For #2 and 3:
We obviously didn’t review the last two much in class. This was intentional. Hit the interwebs for answers. Also, I want to see HAND DRAWN pictures on the blog with the schematics and equations worked out. If you prefer Illustrator or another program, that’s fine too, but I want to see all of your work.

Also, you should bring all your Arduino stuff to every class until further notice.