Week 1. Projects that excite me

Sep 3, 2013 by Lucy Matchett // Leave a Comment

One of the first projects I came across that really piqued my interest was a project from last semester’s class, which were the wearable instrument gloves.

I’m really interested in organic human interaction and I like that she based the idea around a movement that comes naturally to most people like tapping fingers on a surface.

This is something I would definitely be interested in exploring in terms of musical interaction, especially surrounding around percussive instruments and how we naturally expressive rhythm through our bodies.

I then went on a bit of a search to find other musically centered designs, and I came across the BeetBox, which I think is flat out amazing. It uses a raspberry pie to add interaction to the vegetables. I not only love the unexpected fun quality of the interaction, but the aesthetics are beautiful in a way that hides the technological aspect of the project.

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