Carol Kozak

“Walk like an Egyptian”

This week I wanted to make sure that I understood arrays and classes and finally array classes so this is what I have been practicing.  I have also yet to use music so I wanted to download Minim and include music.

Here is one practice sketch:
Practice Sketch

Here is my sketch (it can take up to a minute for both rows to appear depending on where the seconds counter is):

At this point I am happier because I finally feel like I am beginning to put all the pieces together in ways that make sense.  As I progress I want to the two rows to be on top of each other with one showing when the other is not so one Egyptian has head looking right and arm up right and then it appears that the head turns and looks left with left arm up.


Lobster’s tessellate

I chose to make a Lobster stamp.  I spent a good portion of the last weekend reading Processing by Reas and Fry and was looking forward to doing this assignment because after reading so much I felt that I had a much better grasp of what was going on so all day Monday I worked on my Lobster tessellation and made so many different versions of it trying to figure out why I couldn’t stamp multiple lobsters.  In class on Tuesday Alex figured out what I needed to do to complete the class – I was SO close and Thank you, Alex!  So now I have my string of lobsters at the bottom of the ocean!  Next I will incorporate action and arrays.

Here is the Open Processing link

Week 2 : Movement and Time

Here is a link to my sketch: It’s a Moving Target.  As time passes, the bulls-eye grows and shrinks and the outer rings constantly change size.  If I were to continue working with this idea I would like to turn it into a game by adding numbers and colored areas and projecting this image onto a board and actually throwing something at the bulls-eye like the game Darts.  After you reach a set score, the image would change.  Level 2 could be a man sitting on a bench wearing a beanie hat with a spinner.  The spinner would be the bulls-eye area and then surrounding areas would be lower points (like the setup of a dart board).

It seems that each time I set out to make a sketch I end up wandering far far away from my initial idea.  I feel like a kid in a strange candy store.  A ‘piece of candy’ looks good and as I am reaching to pick it up something else catches my eye so I run to another area of the store and then I become lost in that section then I see another kid walk by with something shiny and I am off in another direction and before I know it the title of my sketch is already up to the letter M.  This is challenging because I feel that I don’t build in one area as much as I would like but it is also fun to explore the different things that Processing can do and what is happening as I change certain elements.  I was successful in one area: My initial quest was to make something ‘grow and shrink’ and after much time spent with my Processing book I found example 32-04 and was then able to grow and shrink the center bulls-eye.



Initial musings and Storytelling

Here is my:  Final Drawing Tool

I hope to create some really great projects using Arduino.  After this first assignment, code already looks like every other language I have ever studied.  Here is my example:

At a restaurant trying to order cheese in French.

Step 1: “Fromage = cheese” Good!

Hmmm, how do I say, “I want cheese” so I don’t have to bark ‘cheese’ at the waitress?  ”Yo soy fromage?” Wait, no, I just mixed Spanish with French and I think I just said I am cheese anyways.

“J’aime le fromage = I like cheese”  Thats closer.  I think the waitress will understand.  Maybe if I add a hand motion like I’m eating.  Oh, I can add, “J’aime le fromage a manger = I like cheese to eat”  Yes, that even closer.  She will certainly understand!

So I think eating out in France will be a lot more fun once I can just sit with my friends and chat over dinner rather than fretting about how to place an order.  I am really excited about the possibilities and using Arduino but for now I am keeping my pocket dictionary close!

Some Favorite Work/Inspirations:

Here is my storytelling: Assignment 1