Julie Lee


This is my Assignment4 processing.

At the first time, I tried to use FaceOSC and OSC but I could not figure out.

I spent so many time on this face track library so I used minim library and tried to use Curvevertex and make a flower shape.

Using minim library is not really difficult so I will try to use another library after this.

this is my github link





I tried to use class in my drawing tool.

It was challenge to make buttons for those different drawing.

I was confused to using class but I fully understand Class while I was working with this assignment through several times.

Now I am trying to change buttons as class but since buttons have too many functions and if statement.

I am trying to figure out this button class now.



here is my link to Assignment2.

Using trig, I tried to draw circles from center by passage of time.

from center it draws circles with spiral shape.I also connected circle to center.

if you press the key, it will start again from different coordination.

I have studied with processing book and tried to understand trig.

Once I type code and run processing, it is easy to understand.


1st Assignment

1st Assignment

What I hope to get out of this class


Since, I did not attend Boot camp, I was worried about I can catch up in this class. I have tried hard to study on processing and I am really interested in coding. I am exciting to make a code and I feel coding is like a mathematic to solve a problem and find a answer. I think seeing others’ code and think how it works is really helpful to understand.  Once a week, through assignments or sharing thoughts, this will great that I study by myself. My plan is spending an hour everyday to study on coding. I also am very exciting to study Arduino.

A link to the work I showed in class today

I just made simple processing code. I used for loop and array to control mouse X coordinate.

A designer that has inspired me…
http://www.bestiario.org/research/videosphere/ by bestiario
In this project, I don’t know what he used but I want to make my own sphere to show connection.

http://thesystemis.com/ by Zachary Lieberman
I like his idea.  it’s very creative and interactive using technology.
Yesyesno, IQfont

Link to my first Assignment