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Feb 16, 2011
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Module 1: The Designed Object

FB_TP is an app combined with a toilet paper dispensing device that allows users to print their own or their friends’ statuses onto a role of toilet paper. When they print, users “flush” or delete the statuses they printed from their notifications page and their status automatically updates to display “Just Flushed!”

The Designed Object: FB_TP from Liza Stark on Vimeo.

This project arose from my desire to combine Winner’s concept of politicized objects with Csikzentmihalyi’s mediation on human’s need for objects in securing an external sense of order.

Transferring Csikzentmihalyi’s ideas of concrete objects into the digital realm provided a framework for working with Winner’s idea: to what extent has our participation in digital networks replaced physical objects in securing our sense of self? How are the power structures they produce in society different and similar to those produced by physical objects?

The full presentation is here.