Mar 29, 2011
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SoftShop Syllabus Draft 1

Here is the link to my syllabus for a middle school program on soft circuits. It is still in an early malleability stage and its evolution will be closely tied to my major studio final project. Below is the course description:


Talking Lights and Stretching Sound
An Introduction to Physical Computing and SoftWear for Middle School Students

Shop Hours
Mondays from 3 – 5pm

Shop Location
2 West 13th Street, Rm 1006

Liza Stark

Course Description and Objectives

In this course, middle school students will explore the possibilities of physical computing through soft components to offer students a large toolkit to draw from in implementing their designs. There will be a focus on interaction design, computational concepts, and craftsmanship. This course will be held largely in a workshop format with opportunities for group learning and individual work.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Understand basic concepts of physical computing: electricity, basic circuitry, input/output, sensors, etc.;
  • Learn sewing fundamentals and how they can be applied to the creation of soft circuits and e-textiles;
  • Have a basic understanding of Arduino programming environment and basic computational logic;
  • Learn how to communicate between the microcontroller and external prototyping components (hard and soft);
  • Learn the fundamentals of the design process and how to design for interaction by constructing a final project incorporating the skills and concepts learned.
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