Nov 22, 2010

Interface Final: Hand Prototypes

My final project will be another iteration of our public space project, but the design question and concept will change to reflect the movement of the object into a broader space.

Here are some of my initial questions/idea snippets:

  • In what ways does sound impact your relationship with your immediate environment?
  • How can an individual experience their normal environment in a profoundly new way?
  • How do people experience a personal relationship with an object?
  • How does sound define an object?
  • How can sound ¬†desystematize environments and behaviors associated with them?
  • The transformative properties of sound

Here are some initial rough prototypes of what this contact/sounding object might look like:

All of the objects drawn will be placed on a glove. I am still debating what type of fabric will best work for this type of project and that will not interfere too much with the vibrations emitted by the object.

On the left, we have the back of the hand/glove that will house the speaker and two LEDs indicating on and off states. A headphone jack will allow users to plug into the object that they are “listening” to. On the right ¬†is the front of the hand/glove with the piezo disk.

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