Week 5 Assignment

1) Choose a control structure to change LED behavior. Construct a circuit with one sensor and 3 LEDs.┬áTurn the LEDs on and off in sequence as the values you get increase using one of the control structures below and the functions we discussed in class (map and constrain – you can also try playing with smoothing and calibration). Post your code and any challenges or insights you discovered.

  • if/then
  • Case switch
  • while()
  • (Interrupts if you’re feeling fancy)

2) For your midterm

  • Paper prototypes for feedback (Focus on role or look+feel)
  • Concept and design goal (What does your design seek to accomplish? Who are you ┬ádesigning for?
  • Materials list (What do you need to build your design)
  • Prior art and precedents that inspired your design and direction.

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