Week 4. Assignment_Paper craft_Misung

Designer, Educator

I am a graphic/UX designer, and eager to design user-friendly, easy-to-access. I enjoy teaching what I’ve got and interacting with students, so during my undergrad, I achieved the official teacher’s license. I was an instructor at design hight school in Korea, and from there I tried to introduce and make them use various material. Since then, I’m interested in creating education tools.


I usually try to get inspirations from anyplace, anything, anyone by walking around the city. (Especially, listening to what people say, observing their behaviors, habits and trying to catch their needs, habitual patterns)I also like to learn/research new skills in order to broaden my design spectrum. (So exicited about learning Aruduino!!)


Love making things by hands! any materials are welcome. (Maybe I enjoy making tangible things rather than screen-based designs)

Favorite Tool

is paper, pen, cutter, 401bond. It’s enough to create prototypes, and final works as well. It’s the most accessible, easy to handle for me than other materials. I also like knitting. I usually weave my warmers in winter: but just a warmer.

img_1370 img_1413

For this week assignment, I used paper-engineering. Basically each part is twisted against each other to be able to be elastically stretched out and flat as well.

img_1378 img_1399 img_1383


At first, I start making it with delight, and after several trials, failures, I noticed there was a paper size issue. If somebody want to try this, I’d recommend to keep the alignment when folding it and use a bit harder paper otherwise, it’ll be crumpled. I also tried it with a paper writings on it, and found if there are too many patterns, they distract the lines to make you hard to see.

I refered to this tutorial.



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