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Hat Headlamp

Here is the link to my instructable:

I started this project with two options, one was a pair of mittens with fade in/fade out led lights for bike riders  while the other option was to build a hat with a lamp hovering over it to read at night within a personal space.


Then, I decided I could make a better circuit with the hat to make a touch sensitive sensor to turn the lights on and off as well as intensifying or dimming the lights. The parts I planned to use for my circuit were white neo pixel LED’s, 1 3v battery, an ATTiny, conductive thread, copper fabric, conductive tape, cotton fabric, and black cotton thread.

img_5549 img_5550

I could not program my ATTiny so had to make some changes to be able to create a touch switch on and off. To build my switch I cut two squares of conductive fabric and sewed to a piece of fabric which I would sew onto the inside of hat. I used conductive fabric to sew my two pieces.

img_5533 img_5534 Timg_5535 img_5536

Then, I build a little pocket to hold my 3v battery in which I also put two pieces of copper tape on each side. Right after, I knotted two strings of conductive fabric inside on both the power and ground sides to lead my circuit. I sewed in the battery pocket with black thread to blend in with the hat.

img_5537 img_5538

I sewed in the positive side of the battery around the hat through the back and the negative side on the front side. Then, placed 4 LED’s instead of the neopixels because I purchased nano neopixels which were too small to solder on the hat. I soldered the conductive thread (which was really difficult to not burn, so kept the heat to the minimum) on each ground and positive ends.

img_5539 img_5540

Below is the video showing the functionality of the hat. The next iteration will have an programmed attiny.

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