Jed Segovia – Final Project: “Safe Crossing”

My Instructable.

My slides from the Final presentation.

– Making a critical game about human tragedy and suffering
– Making a flip dot game, flip dots are fun
– Making fun little game pieces with polymorph, which is now my favorite
– Seeing how creative and resourceful I get (I found a wooden sheet on D12 and just broke that apart to make the housing)

– Soldering, aaaargh
– Tedium
– Making so many coils, using so much wire, wrapping so much yarn, in, out, in, out, soldering ends off, on, off, on, off, only to have it not work. Repeat, again, over, and over.

– Interactivity can be as simple as a magnet, coils, and a 9-volt battery

Where to go next
– Will present this to John Sharp and Colleen Macklin to get their feedback on how to improve the game narrative, mechanics, and aesthetics. I want this to be one of my jumping-off points towards being a critical game designer and experience artist.

Thank you for a great semester, Liza, Max, everyone! I learned a lot from this class and all of you. 🙂 Happy Holidays.




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