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Midterm: Alexandria Smith-Light up Mosaic!

For my Computational Craft midterm, I wanted to take a swatch that I made earlier in the semester and expand upon it. I am a musician (trumpet player/composer) and I have always been fascinated by/passionate about making mosaics.

The materiality of the CDs is important to me because I feel like they are just a business card for musicians now. Most people buy music on iTunes or listen to it on Spotify or Pandora making the landscape for a performing artist’s revenue and distribution radically different than it was even 10 years ago.

Things I learned:

How to sew a working circuit with conductive thread and Lilytiny

Clear nail polish is PERFECT for making your connections stronger

CDs are very beautiful when you combine them with a light source

how to use the digistump library (for Lilytiny)

how to use the Adafruit Neopixel Library


Week 10 Assignment

1) Take a 10-20 second video of your speaker and email me the file.

2) Identify a variable you want to test, then create 3 or more swatches for a swatch exchange using thermochromic ink and a heating element. Document it on the blog.

Albee Kang_ Midterm

This is a smart lamp that changes the brightness by folding the top piece.



This is an all the user-friendly lamp for anyone who enjoys reading in a relaxing environment. Try to image people sitting at the desk by a window with some cool breeze. After a period time of reading, and you want to take an easy nap. Simply folding the lamp to dim the light….. ūüôā
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This time I want to try something that I have been really interested with : LED Stripe.

I was always thinking how those indirect light source under stairways was built… until I knew it was actually using stripe¬†LED and covered by some shade or hide behind such as a piece of wood block. So I decide to use that idea as a type of inspiration or motivation.



New Craft : Week 4

I’m a maker, designer, researcher, and a craftsperson.

I choose these words to describe my practice because they reflect how I approach creative expression. My research, daydreaming and desire to get my hands dirty influence my work. As a maker I get curious about how to do anything from make kimchi to knit socks or fix a bike chain. As a designer I like to think about why people choose what they do and how to build affordances into object and experience design. As a researcher I get lost in the pursuit of knowledge. As a crafts person I have a steady hand for structure and tend to obsess over clean lines and materiality.

My favorite tool would be a hot glue gun. I’ve been using them since I was a kid. Pretty sure there is no limit to their usefulness.

I really enjoyed trying out learning to weld in the metal shop. I would recommend it to others and hop I have a chance to use it again soon.


Witchy Candle Lamp Midterm


CONCEPT : I’m fascinated by the duality of technology and pre-computer age objects. It feels magical when an interaction is enhanced or subverted with technology. That is what I wanted to accomplish with this project. My lamp is meant to visually reference hippy/witchy candle mood lighting. Using a capacitive¬†sensor allows an added magical aspect because it is by touching the object’s rim that the candles alight.

AUDIENCE : This is a project for Californians crystal lovers, for hipster-witch combos (witchsters!), and well – me, I love this type of stuff.

INTERACTION : Touching a finger along the rim of this object causes the candles to light. Another touch puts them out.

View my instructable here!




Week 5- LED behavior -Albee


Since it is always bad to our eyes from reading or using cellphone under not enough light source. Therefore, I use Arduino to create a little device that can remind you the current light situation you are at.

Not enough light- Red.

Moderate light source- Yellow.

Good amount of light- Green.



including Arduino Uno, one photoresistor, and three LEDs




Assignment 4 – Learning a craft “Kumihimo” _Albee Kang

I am an integrated designer. I worked in the field of fashion and visual design before. I identify myself as 50% a designer, 25%observer, and 25%explorer. Being as an explorer and observer, I like to look up things that are unusual or unfamiliar to me, and trying to look for some logic and pattern that I can keep in my storage (which is my brand). Now I am a learner and trying to be a coder.

My favorite tool really depends on what kind of style or scenario that I want to illustrate, but I like to sew (machine and hand), and making a collage with paper and scissors to create a moldboard or storyboard.

This week I learn this Japanese craft call ‚ÄúKumihimo‚ÄĚ. It is a technique of braiding by this Kumihimo board. It is a¬†simple action, but you can get a well-structured sting that people commonly use for a¬†bracelet or some other accessories.

( I  suggest learning this with text tutorial is much easier than those watching video one! )

img_4042  img_4041

(photo online: a bracelet using wider thread)



Week 5 Assignment

1) Choose a control structure to change LED behavior. Construct a circuit with one sensor and 3 LEDs. Turn the LEDs on and off in sequence as the values you get increase using one of the control structures below and the functions we discussed in class (map and constrain Рyou can also try playing with smoothing and calibration). Post your code and any challenges or insights you discovered.

  • if/then
  • Case switch
  • while()
  • (Interrupts if you’re feeling fancy)

2) For your midterm

  • Paper prototypes for feedback (Focus on role or look+feel)
  • Concept and design goal (What does your design seek to accomplish? Who are you ¬†designing for?
  • Materials list (What do you need to build your design)
  • Prior art and precedents that inspired your design and direction.