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Assignment week 2 [Eliza]

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So this illustration is actually based off of a quote I read from Ray Bradbury about creativity that stuck with me because I overthink everything. I really wanted to practice my paper engineering here (clearly) so my circuit is maybe the secondary thing in this picture. But I styled the copper tape like a wire from the lamp that lit up the scene slightly. I was originally going to light up the sign above the desk, but I realized it would prevent me from writing the actual sign itself, having a battery and a bunch of copper tape in the middle of it (unless I wanted to use a bunch of batteries and hide those; sigh, maybe next time), so I stuck with the little lamp.

Week 1 Assignment – Eliza

The water-soluble textiles and environmentally responsive fabrics are particularly exciting to me. As part of my thesis research, I’m looking into the realms of sustainability, feminism, and designing for the apocalypse. Searching around on these wearable tech websites, it was hard to pick just one project that intrigued me, because I found so many that combined these three interests. I ended up choosing these two (I know I cheated), because they fall into the field of “low tech,” so while they aren’t embedded with LEDs or connected to a smartphone, for examples, they do demonstrate technical thinking and design, and, most importantly to me, are made with the textile’s life cycle in mind.