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Fading Domes: final project

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Thermochromic Painting.

The surface of the painting is coated in thermochromic pigment, which is black at ambient temperature and becomes transparent when heated.

Three resistive wires are shaped into an engraved sheet of Perspex, forming the perimeters of three famous Italian domes (San Pietro and Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome and Santa Maria della Salute in Venice). These are then connected to a battery through three buttons that interrupt the circuit.

Once the buttons are pressed the energy flows and heats the resistive wires, which are placed directly behind the thermochromic ink layer, heating the pigment and thus changing its color.

img_4772mod domespainting2 img_4794mod img_4796mod domecircuit

Box No Jack: shape-changing alloy

An experimentation with Flexion, shape changing wire that retracts when heated (thus when connected to 9v battery in this case). A button completes the circuit: when the butto is pressed, the wire is heated, it retracts, and pulls the box lid.

See demonstration video here:

img_1508mod-copy_1 img_1504mod-copy_1

Swatches01 – Touch and Distance sensors

DIY touch sensors made with conductive copper fabric and Velostat.
The addition of resistors between every piece of conductive fabric simulate the concept of a distance sensor.

Demonstrations video here:

img_4129 img_4131 img_4135 img_4137

Week 2 : Sublime Light – Sofia Aronov

Two fishes are fascinated by a shiny course in the sky.

When the user’s hand gets closer to the sensor (distance or light sensor) a light on the back of the frame, much stronger, turns on more and more intense, backlighting the shape of a huge abyss monster predator who was generating the shiny source itself.

The small light is connected to a battery with copper tape after a failed attempt to connect it through conductive thread through the 3 juxtaposed plastic sheets that support the paper components of the abyss monster. This attempt necessary to hide the circuit through the shape and the patterns of the fish itself.