Assignment 4 – Learning a craft “Kumihimo” _Albee Kang

I am an integrated designer. I worked in the field of fashion and visual design before. I identify myself as 50% a designer, 25%observer, and 25%explorer. Being as an explorer and observer, I like to look up things that are unusual or unfamiliar to me, and trying to look for some logic and pattern that I can keep in my storage (which is my brand). Now I am a learner and trying to be a coder.

My favorite tool really depends on what kind of style or scenario that I want to illustrate, but I like to sew (machine and hand), and making a collage with paper and scissors to create a moldboard or storyboard.

This week I learn this Japanese craft call “Kumihimo”. It is a technique of braiding by this Kumihimo board. It is a simple action, but you can get a well-structured sting that people commonly use for a bracelet or some other accessories.

( I  suggest learning this with text tutorial is much easier than those watching video one! )

img_4042  img_4041

(photo online: a bracelet using wider thread)



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