Nov 30, 2010
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Public Space Intervention Documentation

Walking the bridge is an opportunity to reflect on the city as a whole by acquiring a unique distance from it. You are no longer inside of the system but standing above it. In this way, the bridge can alter the visitor’s routinized relationship with the city.

Key design questions and concepts:

  • In what ways does sound impact your relationship with your immediate environment?
  • How can an individual experience their normal environment in a profoundly new way?
  • How do people experience a personal relationship with an object?
  • How does sound define an object?
  • How can sound  desystematize environments and behaviors associated with them?
  • The transformative properties of sound

For this installation, we created boxes to attach to the bridge in order to listen to it. By using sound as an interface, we wanted to give visitors another way to interact with it on various literal, cultural, and metaphorical levels.

Our concept focused on the idea that this new form of interaction would enhance visitors own narrative with the bridge and, by extension, the city. In other words, we wanted to make heard what is usually overlooked.

Bridge Sounding test from Caitlin Morris on Vimeo.

(Password: bridge)

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