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Dec 25, 2011

SoundBOXES: Final

The goal of this project was to construct a musical interface. Instead of creating a series of different switches for input that are connected to various actuators, I sought to design an interface in which the input was the actuator. My initial concept was to create a tower (actually towers) of sound. After a few experiments with paper speakers, I was interested in pushing the boundaries of the form and physics. Continue reading »

Dec 5, 2011

ATtiny85 Initial Tests: tone() Function Support

These tests with the ATtiny are for a related project in Soft Circuits II in which we were tasked to make a musical interface. I am making an interface in which the user places paper speaker boxes on the interface to create sound and can stack them to amplify it.
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Nov 22, 2011

SoundBOXES: Testing 1, 2

These are sound boxes I am building for a musical interface project in soft circuits, and thought it would be extremely relevant to post. It is based off of Hannah Perner-Wilson’s design and uses a 9 volt recording module from Radio Shack for sound, two 9 volt batteries, copper tape, a TIP120 transistor, neodymium magnets, and paper. This is a great example of how to make a black box visible.

Nov 13, 2011

dorkShop: Soft Circuits

Liz Taylor and I ran a soft circuits dorkShop a couple weeks back to introduce beginner p comp students to alternative materials. We had a great turnout and some really interesting projects emerge:

Here is a link to the G doc presentation with materials, notes, etc.

This workshop will give beginner physical computing students an introduction to using soft materials in their projects. They will learn how to make and implement different forms of soft switches and variable resistors in both paper and fabric form using Arduino. This workshop is a great supplement to their current/flourishing knowledge of physical computing: since they will actually be making the components they use on a daily basis, thereby giving them a deeper understanding and insight to the practice of building circuits.

Oct 2, 2011

Interview Reflections: Cecilia Elgeuro

Cecilia Elguero is an artist who focuses on the intersection of fine art, computation, and materials. She has a background in film, electronic music, and graphic design, but has most recently been working with paper and porcelain. Graduating from MFADT in 2010, Cecilia has been key in expanding the Parsons e-textile movement outside of its fashionable tech focus. In spring 2011, Cecilia co-taught Soft Circuits and is currently teaching Soft Circuits 2. The difference between the classes is the substrate focus, which in turn changes the whole methodology and approach to constructing: the spring focused on sewing circuits with fabric and thread, while the fall is focusing on silkscreening circuits with paper and conductive ink.

Pre-Interview Planning

My objective in this initial interview with Cecilia was to question her about her own thesis process and to hear her thoughts on the state of the soft circuit field today. Since I will be meeting with Cecilia a few more times over the course of thesis, I wanted to focus more on her and her perspective as an expert, rather than immediately ask her for feedback on my initial concepts.

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