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Nov 13, 2011

Short Circuit Playtest: Green Machine

The informal learning dynamic duo at Institute of Play (IOP) held a playtest on Friday of a new program they are piloting for Short Circuit: Green Machine. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to observe their methodology of program implementation and to talk with other informal educators who are focusing on designing programs around technology, engineering, design, sustainability, and more. Continue reading »

Nov 7, 2011

Short Circuit Workshop 1: Oscillator Circuit


Short Circuit is an afterschool program run by the Institute of Play at Quest to Learn that was piloted in the fall of 2010. It “is an informal hands-on laboratory for participants to explore and discover innovative uses for physical and digital materials, like circuits, conductive inks, LEDs, the latest programming languages, paper, pipe cleaners, iPads, video, audio and websites.” [1]
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