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Oct 2, 2011

Interview Reflections: Cecilia Elgeuro

Cecilia Elguero is an artist who focuses on the intersection of fine art, computation, and materials. She has a background in film, electronic music, and graphic design, but has most recently been working with paper and porcelain. Graduating from MFADT in 2010, Cecilia has been key in expanding the Parsons e-textile movement outside of its fashionable tech focus. In spring 2011, Cecilia co-taught Soft Circuits and is currently teaching Soft Circuits 2. The difference between the classes is the substrate focus, which in turn changes the whole methodology and approach to constructing: the spring focused on sewing circuits with fabric and thread, while the fall is focusing on silkscreening circuits with paper and conductive ink.

Pre-Interview Planning

My objective in this initial interview with Cecilia was to question her about her own thesis process and to hear her thoughts on the state of the soft circuit field today. Since I will be meeting with Cecilia a few more times over the course of thesis, I wanted to focus more on her and her perspective as an expert, rather than immediately ask her for feedback on my initial concepts.

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