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Dec 25, 2011

SoundBOXES: Final

The goal of this project was to construct a musical interface. Instead of creating a series of different switches for input that are connected to various actuators, I sought to design an interface in which the input was the actuator. My initial concept was to create a tower (actually towers) of sound. After a few experiments with paper speakers, I was interested in pushing the boundaries of the form and physics. Continue reading »

Dec 5, 2011

ATtiny85 Initial Tests: tone() Function Support

These tests with the ATtiny are for a related project in Soft Circuits II in which we were tasked to make a musical interface. I am making an interface in which the user places paper speaker boxes on the interface to create sound and can stack them to amplify it.
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Oct 3, 2011

Winding Interface + Thermochromic Ink

This is a prototype mockup for an interface that uses nails (or any other conductive protrusion) and conductive thread as input and thermochromic cells as output. Each “cell” will have three different types of thermochromic ink, i.e. each has a different temperature threshold, thus different parts of the cell will change at different speeds depending on how long the thread is wound around the nail to complete the circuit. Each nail is mapped to a cell, and the cells will be interchangeable on the display surface. An element of play and emergence enters since the user has no reference for which part of the cell holds which threshold of ink (ideally).

This is a part of a larger exploration into combining everyday objects and smart materials to create new types of interfaces.