Mar 25, 2012

Workshop #1: From the bust emerges new vision

So one of the funny things I realized after this workshop bust is that teachers may be the wrong population to attack at this moment. Instead it might be more important to look at the resources right in front of me: over 150 creative technologists with a diverse set of skills and many of whom are interested in learning more about education and how to teach what they know. I am not saying that my thesis is changing radically because I do still believe that teachers will become more interested in this, but I think at this point in my process and in the bigger picture of Making in education, this could be a phenomenal opportunity to begin exploring what students like us can provide.

I have spent the past week getting stuck in the minutia of my own project, subject to neglecting the bigger picture and my role within it. The most important part of my thesis for me personally is calling more attention to the Maker movement in education and new ways to bring that into different learning settings. While I love working with teachers, it is less about working with them for this cause, and more about diagnosing new solutions to broadening awareness of the problems. The problems being (1) the lack of interest in STEM learning and computer science and (2) the need for more of an infusion of creativity through an interdisciplinary approach. We (MFA D+Ters and the like) do this very well and, most importantly, we are excited by what we do and allow this excitement to infect other people.

Even though it is the end of March, I am reevaluating the lens with which I am approaching my problem. I want my thesis to be a part of the call to arms (thanks Liz) that will help build an army of makers of Makers. All this being said, I am opening the next workshop to MFA DTers.

More reflections to come, but I would really appreciate any comments from yall about this and will probably hunt some of you down for a conversation sometime soon!

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