Mar 29, 2012

Workshop “Ground Rules”

These are the BIG ideas I want participants to leave my workshop with, what I have been calling Ground Rules. These will be referenced and reinforced during each stage of the workshop, and will also be used as an initial framework for assessment.

1. Circuits are systems that we design.
– We can use design thinking to construct a circuit out of different materials.
– Good design requires constant testing to fix “bugs.”
– Electricity has rules that we have to incorporate into our design; for example, electricity follows the path of least resistance.
– For a system to function well it needs strong connections

2. Materials don’t have to be hard.
– Circuits can be constructed from materials other than wires.
– Electricity flows through conductive material.
– Some materials are more conductive than others.
– Materials play a key role in appealing to different learners.

3. Break it to make it.
– A switch is nothing more than a break in a circuit.
– A switch requires input and takes action in the form of output; lighting up an LED for example.
– By breaking the flow of electricity in different ways, we can create different behaviors.

4. Science learning is a creative, iterative act.
– By integrating art into science practice, it helps to contextualize science learning in situations outside of the classroom.
– Innovation happens when disciplines intersect and can exchange ideas, practices, and frameworks.

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