Me and My Hats
I am an artist, designer, Maker, educator, and Brooklynite engaged in challenging educational, social, cultural, and historical paradigms through playful interactions with technology. I wear many hats, which I frequently don in the 12th floor Design + Technology lab at Parsons.

As an artist, I combine my humanities background with an interest in physical computing, sound, language, textiles, and open-source-everything to materialize new digital metaphors and infuse carnivalesque elements into hybrid spaces of individual and collective communication. As a designer, I am enthralled by the design challenges that arise with a critical examination of learning in the 21st century and the potential of play, p comp, prototypes, and more as dynamic solutions. As a Maker, I am constantly exploring new materials to integrate into my work and new processes to push, pull, and blur the boundaries between computation and craft. As an educator, I am constantly seeking, prototyping, and testing new methodologies to engage learners through all of the above.

My past research includes the development of informal learning spaces through Making and game design, and pedagogically reframing learning as an iterative, collaborative process. Currently I am working on designing a professional development tool for educators that seeks to reexamine the way computer science and physical computing are currently taught in classrooms (if at all!) by appealing to the Maker, crafter, artist, and creator in all of us.