Midterm Assignment

Create a lamp using the set of tools (materials and processes) we have used over the course of the semester.

I want to see you push yourselves both conceptually and on your use of materials. The design can be simple, but I want to see real thought behind all of the decisions you make.

Must use a switch or sensor.
Must have at least two states.
You cannot use wires.
You do not have to use Arduino.

Things you might consider:

Themes to consider:
User Choice
HAVE FUN: Be playful in your approach to the interaction!

The presentation will be in demo session format. While you do not have to prepare a formal presentation, you should be prepared to present your object and have your peers play with it. You must create blog post that addresses the following: design problem/space, concept, precedents/inspiration, prototypes+process, user testing, next steps. Present from this post.

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