Week 4: Assignment

(1) Bring your Arduino!

(2) Make a game controller, musical instrument, or remote control (for anything) out of the sensors we went over in class (flex/bend, pressure, stretch, potentiometer). Even though the LED is the output, you should develop a scenario that describes what your interface does. I am looking for you to articulate the interaction: what does the sensor control? What are you hoping for your user to do? For example, if you are making a game controller, I want to know that when you stretch the band up, Mario jumps. When you stretch it down, he crouches. Include a short written description in your blog post.

Here are a few good rules of thumb if you find yourself struggling to get started:
Start with the interaction you want, then the form, and then start thinking about embedding the circuit and let it grow from there. It will take time and some mind-bending, but eventually it will become easier to start thinking of it as a system.

How to Get What You Want and Kit of No Parts are GREAT resources for this!

Remember to think of these as recipes – there are many, many ways you adapt and remix these based on materials. Don’t let these templates block you.

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